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Reliable Home Repair in Birmingham, AL

Over time little nicks and dings have a way of accumulating in the walls and trim throughout your home. It’s a fact of a busy life with people and pets going here and there and minor incidents taking a toll on doorways and arches and other surfaces. If those small imperfections are starting to make themselves noticeable, or you have some major repair or remodeling work you need doing, that’s the time to call upon an experienced professional.

Bob Lipsey Painting Contractors is ready to help with your home repair in Birmingham, AL. We can help you refresh your residence by fixing the wood, drywall, and plaster.

Working on the Wood

There are many reasons why you may need to repair the wood surfaces in your home. You could be looking at rot that has developed in exposed surfaces on perhaps your house has been damaged by insects. Fixing the problem as soon as it’s identified can prevent larger ones from occurring in the future. As a painting contractor, we’ve seen lots of issues of wood that needed repairs, and we’ve developed the skills and expertise to take care of them for our clients. Whether you need work on your floors or window sills or another component we are ready to help.

Ensuring a Smooth Finish

Cracks, dents, nail holes, and scratches are all imperfections that can mar your walls. Don’t fret about it though, give us a call, and we’ll provide the sheetrock repair you need.

When we come to repair your walls, we bring the equipment needed to re-tape any bubble damage and to re-secure the wall with screws. After that, we use a light to spot any other defects and then repair them also. The next step is priming the wall as a final check to look for any missed problems. These all add up to a smooth finish. If you need small amounts of sheetrock hung, we can do that for you.

With more than 50 years of experience in repairing sheetrock, we know what makes a good job. If it’s not done right, then the wall will look even worse than before the work. We do it right the first time from repairs to painting.

A System That’s Proven Effective

As part of our home repair service, we’ll fix cracks in your plaster as well. Using a screw-and-washer system, we secure the plaster to its original position on the wood laths. We also use dry mud to bond the plaster and seal the cracks. Even after all the plaster repairs we’ve completed, we have never been asked back to fix a job so that you can call on us with confidence.

Let us keep the walls in your home or office looking great with our plaster repairs for small or large projects. Our experience and skills set us apart, and we can handle even the most challenging repair in old homes or new ones.

Request our services today. We are proud to serve customers in Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding area.

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